Rob Mejia, entrepreneur, author and avid tennis player

Rob Mejia, entrepreneur, author and avid tennis player

Rob Mejia 

Founder, Author, Entrepreneur, and constantly curious

Rob Mejia is a serial entrepreneur, author, and avid tennis player.  Like many, Rob experimented in college but didn’t think much about cannabis until his sister Theresa got sick.  Watching her struggle with pain and eventually lose her battle with cancer led Rob to begin his own cannabis journey.  From dispensaries in Denver, to private grows in Uruguay and tennis clubs in New Jersey, Rob has spent half a decade studying research, products and people of the cannabis community.

Rob founded Our Community Harvest to provide people like him (curious knowledge seekers), with information, stories, and products that could offer confident, safe, and smart ways to experience cannabis. 

Best-selling Author

Rob Mejia is the author of the best-selling guide, The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious and The Essential Cannabis Journal. These clear, brief, and engaging books explains the cannabis landscape as the reader learns the basics of medical and recreational cannabis across the United States.