Now that's a Baked Lobster! Cannabis (CBD), Pets, and a Stoned Lobster

Cannabis CBD for pets can alleviate anxiety and help with pain and joint stiffness.

Cannabis CBD for pets can alleviate anxiety and help with pain and joint stiffness.

What do Lobsters, Dogs, Cats and other pets have to do with CBD?

Have you heard about the chef in Maine whose placed his lobsters in an enclosed vessel and pumped it full of cannabis smoke in order to ease their pain when steamed?  ( marijuana-lobsters)  

Sounds a bit over the top.  But relieving the pain felt by animals, especially our family pets, is anything but crazy.  

Pets are family; they want to be happy and pain-free.

For many of us, pets are family.  And like family, we want them to be happy and pain free. Would it surprise you to know that there is a long history of healing canines with cannabis?  In fact, from 1850 to 1937, cannabis was a well-established healing herb in the US Pharmacopeia (the accepted medical authority on healing elements).  The 1912 edition (of which I have a copy) even details how to make tincture (infused drops) for your dog!

In my travels, I often get questions about CBD and family pets: 

  • My dog has arthritis can CBD help her?

  • Every time there is thunder or lightning, my dog gets so anxious they try to hide under furniture.

  • My dog has separation anxiety and I would just like him to be more comfortable throughout the day.

In these cases, there is a distinct possibility that CBD may be just what the vet would order… But they can’t. 

Where do I go to learn more about CBD for my pet?

Vets are even more restricted than doctors and cannot recommend cannabis or CBD for your pet. But they can listen to your concerns and can guide you in your quest for CBD products for your pet. On the good news front, you do not need a prescription to order CBD products for your pets.  Drops (aka tincture) or pet treats are the most common choices. Drops are absorbed under the tongue and therefore enter the body more quickly. Treats, of course, are easy to administer.

 Like all cannabis products, you need to pay attention to the size of your dog regarding dosing.  The best advice, of course, is to start with a low dose, monitor your pet and then increase the dose as needed. In a few days you will probably note that your dog is more comfortable, is sleeping better, and moves more freely. One of the best resources I’ve found on pets and cannabis is Dr. Tim Shu who runs He has devoted his practice and expertise to the interaction of CBD with pets.

And keep in mind that CBD does not contain THC (the element in cannabis that gets you high) so your dog is not going to feel like a stoned lobster—just pain and anxiety relief.

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