And You May Ask Yourself, Well, How Did I Get Here? My Curious Path to Cannabis Fluency

RobMejia_Author and President of Our Community Harvest

Dedicated to Theresa, our North Star for a new life journey

If you had asked me several years ago what I would be doing in my 50’s, I feel pretty sure I

would not have said “starting a cannabis education company.” I know for damn sure I would

not have said “writing a cannabis book.” But then my world was shaken when my older sister

Theresa got cancer. As her body deteriorated, she was put on more and more meds until she

didn’t know where or who she was. When family members visited in her final days, we talked a

lot about care options and the use of medical cannabis came up again and again. They say

journeys begin with one step; I certainly stepped in it all of the way.


A Curious Journey….

Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of meeting people from across the cannabis

community. I have studied with an accomplished cannabis chef in Oregon and experienced a

cannabis club in Uruguay. I have spoken with CBD-growing nuns in California, a pro-cannabis

sheriff in Colorado, and a hemp attorney in Portland. I have met people for whom cannabis is a

godsend—relieving pain, controlling seizures, mitigating tumors, and stimulating appetite

where other treatments couldn’t.


…Filled with Questions and Answers

But what surprised me the most was how many people around me shared my curiosity. From the guys I play tennis with to my friends with parents suffering from joint pain, my questions were their questions.

“Is it addictive?”

“What conditions does it work for?”

“What is the difference between CBD and THC?”

“What should I ask my doctor?”

“What is it like in a dispensary?”

“What is the difference between medical and recreational cannabis?”

“What is hemp?”


A New Journey, A New Community of Cannabis Enthusiasts

My goal with this blog is to satiate your curiosity with facts, stories, and answers to the

questions that I hear as I navigate the landscape of the cannabis community. I hope that you

will join me.


Rob Mejia, is the President of Our Community Harvest, LLC, a cannabis education company and Author of The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious.