We're not blowing smoke. Cannabis Tourism is a Thing!


We’re not blowing smoke. Cannabis tourism is a thing

More people than ever are traveling around the world. And we all have our must haves when we choose to travel. With my family, we’ve been lucky enough to travel during winter holiday vacations for the past seven years and our “must haves/nice to haves” included:

  • Warm weather

  • Beaches

  • Good food with vegetarian options that aren’t all pasta/ravioli/pizza

  • Rent a local house

  • Pool

  • Good outdoor area/patio

  • An assortment of activities

  • Bike rental

  • Airport that is close enough


Fast forward a few years from a family vacation and a couple’s vacation wish list may look more like:

  • Warm weather

  • Beaches

  • Good food

  • Cannabis consumption options

  • Cultural Activities and Tours

You get the point. When you have the chance to visit an amazing country that also allows you to experience cannabis in a comfortable, perhaps novel way, it is an attraction. And it just so happens that many cannabis-friendly options exist in beautiful locales.

Here’s what you need to know

But here is the disclaimer. Consuming cannabis in a different country is often, let’s say, open to negotiation and planning is crucial. For example, if you were to travel to the vibrant city of Barcelona, there are private cannabis clubs in abundance.

But, the clubs are private, you need a sponsor (someone local who will vouch for you and a local address that is not a hotel) and a long term membership is the norm. Or take a look at Jamaica, long revered for their special strains and close relationship with cannabis. Or perhaps you’d like to visit Malawi Africa where cannabis (also called chamba) and the famous strain Malawi Gold is one of their biggest exports along with tobacco and tea. But in these three countries, cannabis is technically illegal…but there are plenty of work-arounds.

Hire a local expert

Here is where cannabis tourism comes in. If you do your research you can find a trustworthy, committed, local citizen who will help you navigate the system. Just as you hire a snorkel boat captain or a tennis pro on your vacation, you can hire a local, let’s say expediter who will make sure you have the cannabis experience you want.

But if this sounds too challenging for you, it may be best to start right here at home and visit the 9 states in the US where cannabis is legal. Or you can visit two other countries that are welcoming to cannabis tourists — Holland (Amsterdam) and Canada. There and in the US, businesses are popping up that cater to every hobby/interest including yoga, cooking and dining, sports, tours, and more. So when you plan your next vacation maybe cannabis should be a notch or two higher on your must have/nice to have list.