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CannaCurious Unite! 

This weekend I did something brand new—I was a guest on a podcast. Kannaboomers, a podcast dedicated to those of us of a certain age who may have tried cannabis in their early days and are thinking about it again in a legal environment. In other words, me and a whole bunch of people like me—the canna-curious.  

When I spoke to Tom, founder and host of Kannaboomers, about what we would talk about, it was clear that their audience was exactly the same people I met as I wrote The Essential Cannabis Book. My book is aptly subtitled A Field Guide for the Curious—but really it could be called a Field Guide for the listeners of Kannaboomers! Their audience is hungry for education and that is what they have served up in over 24 podcasts to date. They have covered topics from research to home grow to wellness. If you are interested in cannabis history, advocacy, education, trivia, and cooking, this podcast is for you. As cannabis author, columnist, speaker, and educator, Tom was interested to learn about why I had written my book and decided to focus in the area of cannabis education.

We started our conversation with my own curiosity. After all, my book, The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curiousstarted from a single question “why was my sister, who was suffering from painful and terminal cancer, not given cannabis to ease her pain and stimulate her appetite?” That one question resulted is a book who’s goal was to demystify cannabis and answers the questions that so many of us have. It covers the history we, as a country, have with cannabis, how it grows, how it works, the medical possibilities, and the social issues. It also includes illustrations and photos, reliable resources, and step by step instructions for cooking with cannabis including 40 recipes. But my favorite parts of the book are the 20 stories profiling some of the people in the cannabis community I met along the way. Cannabis growing nuns, attorneys specializing in hemp, pro-cannabis police officers, and magazine founders lend their voices to the book to reveal the heart and soul of the cannabis community.   

Our conversation continued by talking about ways consumers can help educate themselves. As a frequent speaker in college classrooms and community settings, I certainly recommend looking around your community for events. Attending a lecture or panel put faces to stories and helps decrease the stigma of cannabis use. There are also lots of resources out there to help you. In the book I outline all sorts of website, books, and videos available on general and specific topics. Another thing I learned is that new or returning to cannabis users want specific tools to help guide, understand, and document their own cannabis journey. Many professionals recommend journaling the experience.  Based on the experience of friends who were first time medical cannabis users, I just published The Essential Cannabis Journal: Personal Notes from the Fieldto help answer that need. It helps guides your personal cannabis journey with information like Questions to Ask Your Doctor, What to Do If You Get Too High, and How to Visit a Dispensary. It also helps users record their experience through documenting product, potency, usage and effects so that can find the right product and strain to achieve their desired effect. 

It was a delightful conversation and one I hope that the Kannaboomers (and the Our Community Harvest) community will enjoy. As a cannabis educator, I am always happy to hear from you and answer questions.

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Rob Mejia is the founder of Our Community Harvest: A Cannabis Education Company and author of The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious, published by Spring House Press. His second book The Essential Cannabis Journal: Personal Notes from the Fieldwill be available online and in bookstores shortly. Read his monthly Q & A column at https://www.spokesman.com/evercannabis/.