SHATTA GARCIA MEJIA,  Director of Community Experience

Shatta Garcia Mejia, M.A.Ed., is an expert in education and a life-long seeker of knowledge.  From teacher to principal to curriculum director to content director for the leading K-12 education materials provider, Shatta makes his living and takes his passion from helping others develop their knowledge and skills.  When not in our  nations' schools, Shatta is an avid traveler, performer, and writer. He  travels the world performing world music, practicing yoga, and sharing his stories through poetry.  This wanderlust has introduced him to people from all over the globe who, in turn, have shared their cannabis stories with him.  

As a Denver native, Shatta has experienced first-hand how cannabis benefits those who need natural pain relief as well as seeing how the legalization has been both a boon for tax coffers and a much needed change to unjust incarceration.  Shatta ensures that our courses and seminars use proven pedagogy.  He collects FAQs and makes sure that the curious in our community get the answers they want, and the knowledge they need, to make informed decisions about cannabis. 



ANDREA DOW, Director of Community Wellness

Andrea Gerrard Dow, M.Ed.  is a wellness consultant, a writer, a yoga teacher, an educator, and a massage therapist who is dedicated to discovering ways to regain our connection with nature as a source of healing.  Passionate about self-advocacy and personal empowerment in the face of health challenges, Andrea works to continually seek out and share wellness insights with others.

With a background in education, first as a teacher and then working in higher education focusing on research and program impact, Andrea is our resident “citizen scientist.”  She devours research studies and articles and has most recently discovered and applied in her own life the healing potential of Cannabidiol (CBD).  Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as a teenager then thyroid cancer in her early 20’s, Andrea is intimately familiar with the journey from fear and despair to recovery and vitality.  Andrea ensures that the OCH community has the knowledge, confidence, and quality CBD products to explore their personal wellness. 


EyeLevel Educational Consulting, Online course providers

Our Community Harvest partners with EyeLevel Educational consulting to create robust online courses for community education, college and university, and industry use. EyeLevel Education has created online courses for clients including WGU, Capella, Barnes & Noble Education, and McGraw-Hill. They consult regularly for many of the leading innovators in the education space.

ROBERT MARTINEZ, M. ARCH, MBA, Community Enthusiast

As a lifelong student of the build environment and human interaction, Robert has continually engaged volunteerism to promote his learning.  Through these experiences he recognized that healing physically, mentally, and spiritually not only necessitates growth, but it promotes overall wellbeing and productive living. He openly shares this knowledge as a way of activating others around be it family, friend, or the yet to be acquainted.

Over the years Robert has discovered the healing power of natural medicines particularly those that support the endocannabinoid system.  Aiding this system safely and slowly has become a passion and is braced by his involvement of the local medical community, regional networks the cannabis community and programs.  He firmly understands that personal wellness is achievable through education and the study of age old medicines.