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Find resources, learn about cannabis legalization in your state, try our dosing calculator and find out how OCH can create online courses and in-person education experiences for your company, organization, college or community.  

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Follow our step-by-step guide for infusing oils and butters and then try our your new cooking skills with one of our recipes. Learn to properly dose with our OCH dosing calculator.

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We curate quality CBD products that are grown, harvested, and extracted by reputable producers and offer unique gifts for the cannabis community. We have personal relationships with our vendors to ensure the best quality.

Reviews for the book The Essential Cannabis Book and Journal

“I read this book before my first trip to a medical marijuana dispensary and it provided major moral support. It also helped me to develop a set of questions to ask so that I get the right care for my condition. Thanks Rob for showing me how to explore new territory.”

“This book is not only beautifully designed but taught me so much I never knew about the origins of cannabis and many different medical and alternative uses for the plant. Fun and intriguing to read, I would suggest this to anyone involved in the cannabis industry or interested in learning more.”


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