Online courses for cannabis workforce development & certification

OCH builds online training, and certification courses that teach and assess personnel in the skills, the regulations, and compassion needed to secure employment and succeed in the cannabis industry. Our experienced team can design, build and host courses that engage learners, demonstrate understanding and mitigate risk. Whether helping the insurance industry to certify compliance, creating cannabis-related continuing education opportunities for health care providers and other professionals, or working with companies and HR departments to create programs that build a compliant, educated, and credentialed staff, OCH’s team can deliver a complete learning solution.


Community Education

OCH works with continuing education programs and community leaders to create engaging online courses and productive cannabis education events. From introducing community members to the vast landscape of cannabis employment opportunities, to addressing the long-held stigma around cannabis, to tackling issues of crime, dependency, and community safety, OCH creates and shapes content to ensure local populations are informed and ready for cannabis introduction and industry growth.

Consulting, Brand Development, Brand Licensing

OCH can assist companies in establishing and growing their presence in the cannabis marketplace. OCH represents artists and brands in the cannabis industry.

  • General Consulting

  • Content marketing strategy and creation

  • Workforce/Community education strategy

  • Community outreach strategy

  • Brand acquisition and brand licensing

  • Trademark consulting

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Dining Experiences

OCH can provide both in-restaurant and in-home dining experiences that educate diners about CBD and cannabis while introducing delicious infused dishes. OCH’s staff can work with chefs to create the perfect infused menu by helping them select and infuse strains with terpene profiles that amplify flavors. Or our team can create an in-home experience that will have your guests celebrating your hosting genius!



Speaking Engagements and Press Inquiries

Author and President Rob Mejia is a frequent speaker at colleges, organizations, and conferences and provides cannabis expertise for media outlets. Contact us for availability and rates.