Why cook with cannabis?

Cooking with cannabis has moved way past the pot brownies of old. Today cannabis chefs are opening restaurants and catering high-end weddings. They are choosing and matching strains that accentuate flavors and heighten enjoyment. Beautifully illustrated cannabis cookbooks sit beside The Joy of Cooking in bookstores while Netflix and others produce cannabis cooking shows. Medical patients and caregivers are finding more pleasurable ways to ingest daily medicine and the edibles market is booming! Anyway you look at it, cooking with cannabis is hot! 

There are many reasons why one may want to try cooking with cannabis. 

  1. No smoke. First, and most obviously, it is an enjoyable way to get the benefits of cannabis without smoking. After decades of battling big tobacco companies to admit that smoking is dangerous, many people want to avoid smoking all together. And no smoke means no lingering weed smell in your home. 

  2. Medical without the smoke or capsules. Probably the most popular reason is that it is a great way to infuse medical marijuana into a daily routine. For patients who can’t or don’t want to smoke, or can’t or don’t want to take a capsule, it is an excellent way to ingest their daily medicine. It is also the most varied way to consume cannabis on a regular basis: Once you have prepared the infused butter or oil, it is can used in virtually any kind of diet and with most any kind of food. 

  3. Have some fun! And, it’s just plain fun. Sharing an infused dinner with friends almost always results in a night of side-splitting laughter, intense joy and one that your guests will talk about for years. 

OCH has what you need to get started. Check out our infusing instructions, starter recipes and Dosing Calculator to help you figure out safe dosing for infusions.