The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide
for the Curious

In recent years we have seen the expansion of the availability of both medical and recreational cannabis across the United States. In this book. author and Our Community Harvest founder Rob Mejia explores the most popular topics about cannabis use.

 In a clear, brief, and objective format, Rob will help you to learn the basics needed to navigate this dynamic landscape.  Mejia has spent the last five years listening to and learning from the many diverse voices involved in the world of cannabis—from dispensary owners and budtenders to medical patients, growers, chefs, hemp oil producers, journalists, and more. Their personal and illuminating stories, featured throughout the book, bring the discussion about cannabis to life— and you will never again think of cannabis in the same way again.

What You Will Learn

Why cannabis was vilified after it had been accepted medicine for centuries; and howother parts of the world are embracing cannabis

What medical conditions respond best to cannabis

How to navigate a dispensary and find the cannabis strain that works for you

How to responsibly consume cannabis and advantages and drawbacks for each type of use

How to cook with cannabis

Recipes that work well with cannabis infusions



Your Own Personal Cannabis Concierge

The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious is your own personal cannabis concierge to help you explore this new world of opportunity and possibility. 

learn how to infuse foods

learn how to infuse foods

learn how to navigate a dispensary

learn how to navigate a dispensary